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Authenticating Football Shirts - Adidas Kits

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Authenticating Football Shirts - Adidas Kits

It’s important to make sure when purchasing football shirts you know you’re buying the real deal. There are multiple simple checks you can do to authenticate Adidas football shirts, these methods should work for all modern jerseys (usually early 2000s or newer). 

Product Code Label

Adidas shirts come with a small product code label with a series of numbers on. The number in the middle (In this case AA0336) can be typed into Google along with the team of the kit and a series of images should come up matching the kit that is being checked. If the images match then the shirt is genuine. If possible it is best to ask for a photo of the product label from a seller before buying the shirt.



Another way to authenticate a jersey is by using the tags, if they are still attached, to find the product code.

The code should be on the tag at the top and can be typed into google using the same method.


Quality and Stitching

Sometimes if it is not possible to view any labels or tags with product codes, a close inspection of the quality of the shirt is needed. One important aspect to look at is the stitching, logos and text on the shirt. The most obvious quality difference is usually in the club badge, if it looks distorted, discoloured or off centre then the shirt is probably one to avoid.


If you are ever purchasing a football shirt from any private seller or website and are not sure about its authenticity we will always be on call to help you out if you need an expert’s opinion.


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