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Mystery football shirt Colours Galore

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Mystery Football Shirts

Football Shirt Colours Galore!

Happy Friday! We have lots of vibrant colourful shirts like these beauties heading out in Mystery Boxes this weekend!

Lots of fantastic shirts hitting Mystery Boxes right now! The Gruether Furth 2020 home shirts are a big favourite amongst the Celtic fans and you can see why! Also in this batch are some fantastic Ukraine shirts from a few seasons ago, customers have loved receiving these in ur boxes so they can support Ukraine in these troubling times.

The Roma 2020/2021 home shirt was one of our favourites from last season, we absolutely adore the tri colour-way across the chest. The last shirt in the photo but certainly not the least is the Basel 2020/2021 home shirt. It's been over a year since we've had Basel shirts delivered and we've been itching to ship these out in orders this week! Throughout the year we've had lots more shirts with wild designs! You can find all of them in our Football Shirt Mystery boxes.


Find the best Mystery Football Shirt Boxes on the market with With prices starting at just £24.99 you won’t find cheaper mystery boxes anywhere else!


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