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Dilton Marsh Wanderers FC Blog! 21/01/22

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

There's nothing better than a kit that tries to break the norm of boring template shirt designs. The Dilton Marsh away shirt smashes everything else out the park!

A Design To Be Proud Of.

Smaller clubs such as Dilton have a brilliant freedom when it comes to Football Shirt design, they can basically do whatever they want to! Larger clubs normally have to stick to template designs that offer 0 creative freedom to kit designers which quite frankly really sucks. Dilton have used this opportunity to creative a dazzlingly striking Football Jersey that really catches the eye.

Wanders currently play in the Trowbridge and District league here in the UK. Founded in 2019 the club has already had many memorable days including a trip to St Mary's stadium for a friendly in 2021! You can find these kits in our Mystery Football Shirt boxes this week!

You can still find the wonderful Dilton Marsh jersey's in our Football Shit mystery boxes!

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