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Fishtown FC and Hamburg HSV

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Mystery Football Shirts

Different Worlds

Two teams from different worlds both with equally as fantastic shirts! Hamburg of the Bundesliga 2 and little Fishtown of from the Casa Soccer Division.

Customers always ask me "Can a Mystery Football Shirt really be from any club?" The simple answer is yes, yes it can! These 2 striking jerseys are a great example of that. Hamburg HSV were once a competitive force in the Bundesliga, home to big names such as the likes of Vincent Kompany and Rafael Van Der Vaart. Hamburg now play in the 2nd tier of German Football after being relegated after the 2017/18 for the first time in Bundesliga history.

Fishtown on the other hand were established in 2017 and have been working their way up the American football ladder ever since. Their club motto "Don't be a sucker" is pretty fitting because you really won't be one if you own this stunning kit. The colours and abstract design create such a unique look that you'd have to search far and wide to find something even slightly similar.

Both shirts are brilliant in their own way and we find it too hard to pick a favourite! In 2022 we have a massive range of Icarus and USA lower league shirts in our boxes! Including new Fishtown shirts.


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