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Authenticating Football Shirts - Nike Kits

Authenticating Football Shirts - Nike Kits

Authenticating Football Shirts - Nike Kits

When purchasing a football shirt you should always check that you’re getting the real deal. In our last blog post we explained the process of ‘Legit Checking’ Adidas football shirts; in this post we are going to go through the main ways of authenticating football shirts made by Nike.

Authenticating Football Shirts - Nike Kits

Product code label

The vast majority of Nike jerseys from the mid to late 2000s will come with a small product code label, as pictured below, that can usually be found under the wash tags at the hem of the shirt. Similar to the method of authenticating Adidas jerseys, the code highlighted below can be typed in to Google Images and should produce a set of results matching the shirt in question.

Authenticating Football Shirts - Nike Kits


If you are unable to get a photo of the wash tags before purchasing a kit, there is another very reliable way of authenticating the shirt. All modern, brand new and legitimate Nike football shirts will have tags that hang down from the sleeves of the kit. If the labels are attached to the collar of the shirt or somewhere else, there is a very high chance that the product is fake and is one to avoid.

Quality and stitching

This method of evaluation can be used for any manufacturer, including Nike. If you can’t look at the product code or tags when purchasing a football shirt, then the backup method should always be to closely analyse the material and quality of the shirt - pay extra attention to the logos and embroidery, compare what you see to shirts on Nike’s official website or from other trusted retailers. The most obvious quality difference is usually in the club badge, if it looks distorted, discoloured or off centre then the shirt is probably not legitimate.

If you are ever purchasing a football shirt from a private seller or website and are not sure about its authenticity, we will always be on call to help you out if you need an expert’s opinion.


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