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Football shirt of the week: Cagliari FC 2022/23 Third

Updated: Apr 12

Cagliari FC 2022/23 Third
(Image credit: Eye Sportswear)

Football shirt of the week: Cagliari FC 2022/23 Third 

Shirt of the week is back in 2024 and we are kicking things off with the fantastic Cagliari 2022-2023 season third shirt. Manufactured by the amazing Eye Sportswear, an authentic Italian manufacturer, for a historic Italian football team. The shirts base colour is an unsaturated yellow that sits under multiple shades of more green, orange and more yellow. The abstract, geometric pattern of the jersey was inspired by the logo of Sardinia.

The 2022-2023 season was a historical one for Rossoblu, which saw them promoted back to Serie A straight after being relegated in the 2021-2022 season. Ex-Chelsea and Leicester city boss Claudio Ranieri managed the team for most of the season and still manages the team today in 2024.

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