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Football shirt of the week: Genoa 2021/22 Home

Updated: Apr 12

Genoa 2021/22 Home
(Image credit: Kappa)

Football shirt of the week: Genoa 2021/22 Home

Italian football has seen some of the greatest shirts of all time over the years. From the iconic Nintendo Fiorentina shirts to the stunning Zidane era Juventus jerseys. The Genoa 2021/22 shows that modern Italian shirts are still some of the best! This shirt in particular also proves that less really can be more with the lack of sponsor being replaced by a fantastic outline of Genoa city centre. This design is subtle yet adds an extra layer of detail than first meets the eye.

While the shirt of the 2021/22 was great, the performances on the pitch were not. Genoa were relegated to Serie B after a 19th place finish in the league, this ended the club's run of 15 consecutive seasons in the top flight of Italian Football. Ex Milan legend Andrea Shevchenko took over the mid season but only lasted 2 months in the role.

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