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The History Of Mystery Football Shirts

The History Of Mystery Football Shirts

The History Of Mystery Football Shirts

Here at Mystery Football Shirts we have been adding excitement to the hobby of Jersey collecting for nearly 4 years! Over this time we have grown from a side hustle, selling on Depop, to a full time limited company, shifting hundreds of football shirts out every single month.


Yes, the worst year ever was the year that MFS was founded. In the middle of the first UK COVID-19 lockdown, an idea was hatched. What if we could specialise a business in genuine, high quality random football shirts with a vision of creating an unmatched exciting kit collecting experience.

“We saw a gap in the market where we thought - nobody is actually doing this properly. I wanted to create a business that sold mystery football shirt boxes where the customer would get a fantastic jersey every time, not just like a 1 in 10 chance of getting something half decent like other business were doing back then”.

The first few months of trading on Depop became so successful that a website was needed to keep up with the demand and so was born.

“When we first started out I was working at my local ASDA, I was doing 8-10 hours shifts then coming home and trying to get through about 50 orders in the evening, working through till about 3-4am some nights- it was insane”.


As the business started to grow, more products were added to the websites portfolio. These included mystery boxes such as the classic mystery football shirts box, the football shirt mystery box with socks and our kids mystery boxes. The vintage mystery boxes went down as a great hit and would sell out usually within an hour of being back in stock. 

Individual football shirts were also added to the website for customers looking for something a little more specific, these were a mix of modern shirts and rare classic pieces that had been sourced from all over the world.

As the business was expanding and the total orders were growing, each month more stock needed to be sourced to match the increasing demand. During 2021, multiple deals were struck with International high level football clubs and manufacturers giving access to fantastic kits that were very difficult to find anywhere else! 


In 2022 we upgraded our mystery boxes to the next level by updating the previous box design to a much more sturdier, bigger and better looking cardboard box. This improved the experience for our customers and made the whole box opening process even more exciting, along with a new eco-friendly mailing bag to keep our carbon footprint as lower as possible. 

In this year we also ran multiple competitions for our customers, one of these included a mystery fantasy football league where the winner would receive a free premium mystery football shirt box!

In September of 2022 Mystery Football Shirts officially became a limited company. By this time the business had already sent out 1000s of football shirts to over 50 countries worldwide!

mystery football shirt portugal

2023 - Present

The previous 14 months have been a very exciting time for the company! Last year saw the largest amount of stock ever in the MFS office, along with unprecedented amounts of orders and a fantastic visit to sunny Portugal and a trip to the stunning Estadio Benfica!

in February there was a launch of the highly anticipated women’s mystery football shirt box and an expansions of sizes available for our mens mystery football shirt boxes. 

The future is very exciting with lots of new ideas, mystery boxes and shirts in the pipeline that will be shared in the months to come! Here’s to many more years of Mystery Football Shirts :)




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