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Mystery Football Shirts Buyers Guide - What You Need To Know

Mystery football shirts are the hottest trend in football kit collecting right now, but what exactly are they? Where’s the best place to buy one? Are they good value for money? In this article we are going to give the full buyers guide on mystery football shirt boxes. Focusing on what makes a mystery football box great but also what to watch out for before buying. 

Hopefully by the end of reading, you will be an expert in the field and be ready to embark on the most exciting kit collecting journey!

What Is A Mystery Football Shirt?

What Is A Mystery Football Shirt?

The football shirt mystery box concept is quite simple, a mystery football shirt is a random football kit from any professional club or nation in the world. The kits will usually come in a cardboard box with an information card and a few extra goodies like stickers and pin badges. Customers can often state which leagues and teams they’d like to avoid before purchasing, to avoid being stuck with kits from rival teams or receiving a duplicate shirt.


Are Mystery Kits Worth The Money?

The answer to this often depends where you buy from, so it’s important to do your research and read reviews before you commit to purchasing from a business. There are definitely some businesses who are looking to make a quick buck, by flogging you bottom of the barrel clearance items for a premium mystery box price. Here at Mystery Football Shirts, we have an “excellent” rating on trustpilot and 100s of 5 star reviews from our customers. We only ever send out the highest quality and best looking kits, to give our buyers the most authentic and exciting mystery box experience possible.


Why Buy A Mystery Football Shirt Box?

What Is A Mystery Football Shirt?

There are many reasons to buy a mystery football kit, one of which is the exhilaration it can bring opening it up and not knowing what team could be inside. It can also be a great way of building a vast and diverse collection of shirts, that can be used to wow friends at 5-a-side, festivals or just about anywhere. Mystery football shirts also make a fantastic gift, especially birthday and Christmas presents for football-mad adults and kids.


What To Watch Out For

There are definitely some red flags to watch out for when choosing where to buy a mystery kit from. Sometimes, mystery box companies will use influencer endorsements who will be showing off, newly released, top of the range £80 kits, from mystery boxes that are worth less than half that amount. Often normal customers of these businesses will receive shirts nothing close to the ones that they claim to send out regularly. Another thing to watch out for is fake kits. Be sure to read verified reviews, to make sure the shirts the company is sending out are genuine and not £10 knock offs from DHGate.


What Is A Mystery Football Shirt?

Who Is The Best Mystery Kit Company?

Here at we pride ourselves in being the best mystery football shirt company. With over 4 years experience, 100s of 5 star reviews and 1000s of boxes sold worldwide. We have a huge selection of mystery stock available to meet any kit fanatic’s needs. There really is no better place to experience the thrill of the mystery kit experience.



With so many different mystery shirt companies around these days, it can be difficult to know which is the best to purchase from. Hopefully our mini guide has assisted you in figuring out where to buy the best mystery football shirt for you! If you need any assistance or advice on purchasing a mystery kit, you can contact us any time via live chat or by our contact form here.


Find the best Mystery Football Shirt Boxes on the market with With prices starting at just £24.99 you won’t find cheaper mystery boxes anywhere else!


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